The first homes were built starting in 1981 and sold by MV in what is today the subdivisions just to the north and south of Northridge Park and Rec Center.  They include the Grove, Bayfield, and Stoney Point.

The first property Filing (Filing #1, Block 1) was located at what is now Northridge Park Rd and Jack Rabbit Place.  Models homes were located on Jack Rabbit Place.  Prairie Ridge Rd, the street adjoining to the east of Jack Rabbit, was Filing #1, Block 2.

The model homes for the Bayfield subdivision  (pictured) were on Jack Rabbit, but the first home to be sold was just to the south, on the other side of the Northridge Recreation Center. This area was known by the subdivision name of “The Grove”.

These first homes built and sold in 1981 were priced in the $90,000s

Notice the antelope in this picture of the Billboard advertising the Grand Opening of Highlands Ranch.

The first homes were priced from the $70’s $90’s and low $100’s.

Interest rates at the time (1981) were high!  Around 18% or higher. However, Mission Viejo had some special rates in the 12% range.  The first homeowners were delighted with the “deal”!!

According to Phil Scott, the first homeowner “We were lucky, in the drawing we got 12% interest, which at the time was phenomenal!” Home sales were brisk in that first year–1981.  There were a total of 87 homes that were occupied in 1981! Home sales continued to grow between that first house in September of 1981, through 1983.

Cumulative total occupancy in developments between Broadway and University, according to Art Cook, Community Relations Director for Mission Viejo was:

1981 – 87 homes occupied,   1982 – 272 homes occupied,     1983 – 501 homes occupied.

New home developments between 1981 and early 1984 included:

Bayfield, Groves, Stoney Point  — the initial homes in 1981 & 1982 & 1983

Copperfield Homes, with prices in the $70,000’s, opened Fall of 1983

Bradford Hills and Stratton Ridge homes opened in August 1983.

Sugar Mill Condos, Chalet and Remington Bluff Townhomes were in pre-sale in February 1984

“We’re providing a balance, a total community,”  Cook said.  “We have a wide variety of home sizes, prices, and types.”

Written by Shirley Cavenaugh, HRHS Publicity Chair, and published in HRCA November 2021 Newsletter as part of the HR 40th Anniversary Celebration