Residents of Wind Crest had a glimpse into the past recently, at a program focused on the History of the Fly’n B.

The Fly’n B Park just east of Wind Crest has a varied and very colorful history indeed!   What started out as a simple farm and home for Master Landscaper Matthew Plews and family has become a location filled with intrigue, happy families, major community and resident developments and now a serene place to visit.

The house and property has had many owners since it was built around 1902, starting with Matthew Plews, who constructed not only a pleasant home for his family, but also large greenhouses filled with a variety of plants.

Plews sold the property in 1937 to Mrs. Elizabeth Hamblin, mother-in-law to local gambling kingpin Charlie Stephens.

The property stayed in the Stephens extended family until 1944, when Denver Manufacturing giant Fred Eberhardt purchased the property, and used it as a family getaway until 1967.

Johnny Bowen and family became the owners of the property in 1967 and promptly named it The Fly’n B Ranch, since Johnny flew his Cessna back and forth to his cattle ranch Strasberg on a regular basis.

It remained in the Bowen family until they sold to Erickson in 2004.   In 2006 Erickson conveyed 8 acres to the Highlands Ranch Metropolitan District, and the property became the Fly’n B Park in 2010.

Today the house that Plews built oversees the comings and goings of hundreds of people every month. People come to enjoy the fishing pond, the High Line Canal trail, and to wander among the trees and around the home. The views are still great, the memories linger, and time slowly passes by.  Why not visit the next time you are in the area?   Reflect upon the colorful characters and events that happened at the Fly’n B and before.