2022 HRHS Tour Season 

Please Note: When registering, please sign up for ALL of your selections at the same time.

Otherwise, if you try to go back later and register from this same email it will tell you that you are already registered and not let you do so again.  If that happens, send Nancy an email, and we will work it out together.

We will publish this Tour Eblast multiple times, and each time you can sign up for additional tours.

(Our apologies, we must work within these idiosyncrasies)

Highlands Ranch Rooster Art

Upcoming Tours

More tours coming, check back often.

General Information
  • Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.   
  • Members have priority. Tours will be opened up to non-members, at an additional fee,  after a few days of publication, if space is available.
  • A Waiting List will be maintained for each tour, if possible.                        
  • Payment must be RECEIVED within 7 days after registration in order to secure the Registration.
  • Payment by check when Mailing it in.  Additionally, Cash or Credit Card accepted at the Monday meetings.
  • Credit card payment will be accepted for some tours.
  • Every adult participant must sign the Tour Registration Form.
  • Print, complete, and send in the Tour Registration Form, along with your payment.
  • Click for Tour Registration Form
  • Click for Membership Form
Cancellation Policy
  • If you must cancel, please notify us right away.
  • After the Final Payment Deadline or once tickets have been purchased, you will be refunded only IF a replacement can be found.
  • You are encouraged to find your own replacement.
  • On the event day, If the RTD bus is a NO-SHOW (breakdown or whatever), payment is NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Please make checks payable to:  HR Historical Society
  • Mail checks to
    Highlands Ranch Historical Society
    PO Box 631334
    Highlands Ranch, CO  80163
RTD Tours Special Information
  • Departures and Arrivals: University/C-470/Dad Clark Park & Ride, northwest corner of University Blvd. and Dad Clark Dr. Highlands Ranch
  • Official address of the Park & Ride Point: 8392 S. Burnley Ct., HR 
  • Bus pick up time is TBD on all trips – You will be notified in advance by HRHS
  • Bus fare, Exact change /CASH is required.  You will pay the bus driver directly as you board the bus.   
  • All special service coupons might be accepted for payment on Senior Ride.
  • MOST Rides are $3.00  round-trip for seniors 65 or older, or $6.00 if less than 65 Yr.   
  • Regional fares are $5.25 round-trip for seniors 65 or older or $10.50 is less than 65 yrs.