“Douglas County Colorado: Prehistory to 2020”

Historic Douglas County, Inc. (HDC) is an organization that provides broad communication with the public about the historically rich venues, events and cultural values upon which our pioneering forerunners built a foundation for what-we-know-today as Douglas County, Colorado.  This book,

“Douglas County Colorado: Prehistory to 2020”

certainly delivers on that premise of communicating the history of this fascinating and important geographical area.  Produced and edited by Board Members of Historic Douglas County, the book was introduced to the public on November 5, 2022.  This history is the compilation of 24 writers, covering the County’s six historic eras from the end of the Ice Age to 2020.

According to HDC Secretary Tim Weber “As one of the editors, I especially enjoyed working with a large number of local experts who know more about their topics than I did.”

The 430-page book contains 67 chapters, photographs and graphics, and an extensive index.

When reflecting on the comprehensive completed book HDC Vice President Larry  Schlupp  noted that “The flow of the book is my favorite feature.  Within each part or era, the chapters provide an overall picture of what was happening to the County during that time.  After finishing the six historical eras, the reader has an overall understanding of the history of Douglas County, after the Ice Age through 2020.”

A synopsis of the book is succinctly listed on the back cover of the book which reads:

“In the early 1990s, Douglas County, Colorado was the fastest growing county in the United States, and by the early 2020s, its population had surpassed 350,000. Douglas County was founded in 1861, when Colorado became a U.S. Territory. In the 160 years since then, it went from being rural to suburban as cattle ranches and dairy farms were turned into subdivisions and shopping centers.

Throughout its history, residents have coped with droughts, floods, depressions, and political change. Over time, some of its small historical towns grew large, while others resisted growth and stayed small. New towns gobbled up open space, and increased traffic led to continuous new road construction. But the most important part of the Douglas County story is its hardworking and forward-looking people who often argue about growth but still believe it is a beautiful place to live and raise their families. This is their story.”

Featured Topics

Prehistory  –  First Comers  –  Early Settlers and Settlements  –  Colorado Gold Rush in 1859  –  Indians  –  U.S. Territory and Statehood  –  Agricultural Development  –  Limited Water Supply  – Transportation  –  Modernization  –  Population Increases  –  Natural Disasters  –  Increasing Economic Diversity  –  County and Local Governments  –  Political Stability and Change  –  Pro and Anti-Growth Strategies  –  Wars  –  Public and Private Education  –  Economic Depressions  –  Law Enforcement  –  Distinctive County Regions  –  Recreation and Entertainment  –  Notable Citizens

According to Historic Douglas County President Jim Weglarz   “This was a six year project for HDC, the amount of knowledge accrued about the history of Douglas County was amazing.  The people, the towns, the disasters, the rapid progress since 1980 was truly a learning experience”

This scholastic book is available on Amazon.com, select the book tab and then search for Historic Douglas County.  Be among the first to read and enjoy learning about the fascinating Colorado County of Douglas.