HR Historical Society is pleased to report the good news that our Community Partner, HRCA, just received:

November 2023  Announcement from Highlands Ranch Community Association:

“The Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA) is honored to have been named “Association of the Year” by the Community Associations Institute (CAI). The award recognizes the outstanding team effort of the HRCA Board of Directors and homeowners.

HRCA’s General Manager, Mike Bailey, has also been awarded the “Community Manager Excellence in Service” award. This recognition is given to a manager who displays integrity, reliability, commitment to the industry, loyalty to clients, and the ability to interact with board members, other managers, service providers, and other industry professionals.

Thank you to all our members and visitors for their ongoing support of this great, all-inclusive organization!


The Highlands Ranch Community Association”

Jamie Noebel, HRHS Board Member and HRCA Manager of Community Relations, Marketing and Events was indeed pleased with the award and simply said “it takes a village”, referring to the hard work that HRCA staff have done to deserve this honor.

Thank you HRCA for your support of the HRHS and for making Highlands Ranch such a special place in which to recreate, live, work, and visit.