When Philip and Kaye Scott closed on the first house in the new community of Highlands Ranch on Sept. 28, 1981, developer Mission Viejo gave them a bonus—a 650-pound steer! “We had to buy a full-size freezer for all the roasts, steaks and other products from the steer,” laughed Kaye, recalling the unexpected gift.

The Scotts, childhood sweethearts from Valentine, Nebraska, were living in Sedalia, Colorado, before moving to their new home on Coyote Street in The Groves, a subdivision just south of where the Northridge Recreation Center is today. Legal description of the property was Filing 1, Block 8.    Mission Viejo’s first homes were priced in the 90,000s.  The Scotts’ split level 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1663 square-foot home closed for $90,000.   The Scotts and their infant daughter Sarah are coming down the steps of their soon-to-be new home.  Not only was the home new, but there was no exterior landscaping yet. 

At the time, Philip worked for Kelran Construction, Inc., contractors for the water and sewer lines for the new community and Kaye was a flight attendant for Continental Airlines.

Asked about memories from early years in their new home, Kaye said, “Our daughter, Sarah, who was nine months when we moved in, took her first steps. She wasn’t afraid because it had carpet.” Phil worried whenever Kaye got on the roads to and from the airport for her job. “Snowstorms were always a ‘special event’ because the streets weren’t plowed,” he said.

Still Standing and lovely today, 40 years later, that first house is surrounded by large mature trees and a lush green landscape, quite a change from the stark and barren lot it was on that 1981 sale date so many years ago.  The Scotts planted an apple tree in the backyard, and according to the current owners, Paul and Judy Steiner, the apple tree is still there and they are enjoying the fruits of the Scott’s labors!

The Scotts returned to their first home, met up with the Steiners, and had a few laughs and good stories.  The Scotts lived in the home for 11 years, and moved on to another home in Highlands Ranch.  The Steiners purchased from the Scotts and are still in the home today..  Here both families enjoy the front steps!

And the Scotts reuinted on the steps with their daughter and son, who was NOT in the first picture!   They have been busy building a lovely family in Highlands Ranch all of these 40 years. 

When Philip and Kaye Scott moved to what was then called the New Town of Highlands Ranch nearly 40 years ago, little did they know they’d never leave the beautiful community. They’re now in their third home. Their two children, Sarah and Zach, and their respective families, also live in the “Ranch.”

Highlands Ranch is indeed “Home Sweet Home” for the three generations of Scotts!

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the first Highlands Ranch home to be sold, the Highlands Ranch Historical Society met up with the Scotts and the Steiners and presented this plaque to the house and it’s occupants.  Happy Anniversary to All!

Watch the 3 minute video presentation here.

Written by Shirley Cavanaugh, HR Publicity Chair 2021