Sonya Hill

Sonya Hill

Sonya Hill was born and grew up in the town of Sheridan, California, another town named after the famous Union Army General Philp Sheridan that consisted of 1 post office, a general store/gas station/frosty and an elementary school. Sonya attended Sheridan Elementary School until she went to middle and high school 8 miles away in Lincoln, California.

Sonya comes from a large close knit, loving family. Her father built two beautiful homes in Sheridan, California right next to his own father, each with a homemade swimming pool. Since the homes were built close to the Union Pacific railroad, the daily bustle included the very audible passing of the trains.

Sonya is no stranger to Colorado as her family lived near Aurora in 1968. During that time an incident occurred where she fell through the ice at age 6 while ice fishing with her father.

Sonya married her college sweetheart David in 1984 and lived next door to her grandfather for 26 years before coming back to Colorado with her husband in 2009.

Sonya had worked at a restaurant and as a Spencer Gift store manager before shifting careers into elderly care.

Sonya and David have two grown children, whom are their pride and joy of life. Christopher, their son, is a master chef and their daughter Melissa is a certified medical assistant for a very successful cardiologist in California. No grandchildren – yet.