Pronghorns have a special place in the history of Highlands Ranch!  They are unique and beautiful animals, and once roamed freely on the land that would become Highlands Ranch.

Highlands Ranch when Mission Viejo first arrived….no homes, lots of pronghorn!

Mission Viejo sign 1981, Home Sales Just Beginning…..and the Pronghorns are plentiful.

Mary Elliott Poster of Pronghorns “they were everywhere in Highlands Ranch in the early 1990s”

2003 Sculpture of TAH KEEN CHA, Pronghorn by Larry Perkins
TAH KEEN CHA means “small pale deer” in Arapahoe Cheyenne

TAH KEEN CHA is located at the entrance walk to Westridge Recreation Center
The sculpture is larger than life-sized, and anatomically correct.

TAH KEEN CHA is beautiful!   Lovely soft face and eyes!

Sculptor Larry Perkins and HRHS Member Ginger standing proudly next to his larger-than-full-size TAH KEEN CHA

The plaque at the base of TAH KEEN CHA reads: “TAH KEEN CHA, a Tribute to our Community Spirit.  Placed by the Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association, Sculptor Larry Perkins, Dedicated 2003”

Some interesting facts about Pronghorns:

  • They are NORTH AMERICAN PRONGHORNS, not Antelopes.
  • Pronghorns are native to North America, not found anywhere else in the world.
  • Pronghorns are unusual animals:  they shed part of their horns, Antelopes do NOT shed horns, Deer shed their antlers.  Pronghorns evolved with cheetahs, after the first 100 yards pronghorns can outrun a cheetah, which is considered the fastest animal.  Pronghorns can run for a long time, longer and farther than a cheetah.  Pronghorns can NOT jump over a fence, they go UNDER the fence.  The white patch of tail hair serves as a danger signal to one another.

 Larry Perkins 17 minute Video about TAH KEEN CHA and Pronghorns, watch it HERE

In the video, Larry also discussed the Art Encounters program and another of his sculptures, entitled “Fully Involved”, which is located in Firefighters Park in Tacoma Washington, and honors Tacoma Fallen Firefighters.   Learn more about the Memorial and his sculpture HERE

Pronghorns have also been recognized as a great name for a Park!
Pronghorn Park is located in the Weatherstone subdivision at 10625 Weathersfield Way, HR  80129
The park has a picnic shelter, playground, restrooms, trails, playing fields.