Thanks for the memories, Paul McKeag!

After a decade of service, in November 2023 Paul McKeag retired from his role on the Highlands Ranch Historical Society Board of Directors. Serving 10 years, he has had many roles and responsibilities for the Historical Society, including Treasurer and  Vice President.  Paul has been a master of Logistics– coordinating complex events and programs, as well as promotion and developing relationships with other history-focused organizations across the south metro, Douglas County and eastern Colorado regions. Paul also was the first Board Member to lead the HRHS towards a successful grant application and award with the SCFD. On the lighter side, Paul and his wife Lois worked with Highlands Ranch Elementary Schools, providing second grade local history lessons.  Lois also has joined Paul in being present at every program, tackling the coffee and refreshments with grace and good taste!

Paul was recognized for his achievements with the Historical Society on Monday, November 20, 2023.  A surprise Retirement Cake, Announcement, and Plaque was presented at the beginning of the November program.  All in attendance enjoyed the yummy cake, and Paul was genuinely surprised and gracious at the presentation.

Paul:  “I want to express my sincere thanks for such a wonderful send-off!  I could have never imagined your “excitement” because I was leaving the Board.  😊   Seriously, Thank You!!  The very classy and beautiful plaque you presented to me is filled with meaningful words.  I will proudly display it in my office.”

HRHS with our Greatest Appreciation.

Presented to Paul McKeag in Recognition of Your YEARS of Dedicated Service, Tireless Work and Countless Contributions That Helped Lead our Path to Success.

Thank You from the Board of Directors and Membership of the Highlands Ranch Historical Society

November 2023

“I have immensely enjoyed my time on the Board of the Historical Society.  It has been a pleasure to work with each and every one of you.  The support you have provided to the organization and myself has been so appreciated.  Most of all, are the friendships that have developed, which I will always treasure.I look forward to attending the meetings and being able to really listen to the speakers, taking my seat, sipping on my coffee and enjoying a cookie.  Instead of wearing a green shirt, I will wear a green badge.  I admit this will probably be difficult to begin with, but I am sure I will adapt to it.   Thank you for allowing me to enjoy a wonderful 10 years.”  Paul

FORREST DYKSTRA:  to Paul: “Thanks for all you’ve done. We will miss you on the board but glad you are not leaving completely!”

SANDY AND PAUL CHAMBERLIN:   Paul –  “We will miss your guidance and expertise so much and I personally hope to still seek counsel with you at times. You have done so many things through the years behind the scenes that have helped this organization grow. Thank you so much for everything Paul.  I even forgive you stealing some of my volunteers through the years.  😀  Enjoy the Holidays with no pressure!!”

Our organization – and our community – are richer for his volunteer stewardship and support.

Our deepest gratitude and thanks to Paul for your part in making the Highlands Ranch Historical Society the community asset that it is today. Our Board of Directors and Members wish you all the best in your retirement!

Written by Marian Robinson with quotes by HRHS Board Members