Mission Viejo In the Beginning

How the Early Streets were Named

 Have you ever wondered:

  1. Where the first houses built in Highland Ranch are located?
  2. What is the significance of that street name?? Or park name?
  3. Why was this park named “Springer Park”?   and on and on???

 Well wonder no more!!

 Many Street and Park names in Highlands Ranch have very definite historical ties!!

 And many have no ties except perhaps to pizza and beer!!

(yes,  pizza and beer may have played a role in naming our local area!!)


Mission Viejo purchased the Phipps Ranch, also known as Highlands Ranch, from Marvin Davis in 1978, shortly after the 1976 death of Lawrence Phipps Jr.

Soon afterward, coming here from Mission Viejo in California, City Planner Jim Toepfer went to work planning and leading the initial development of HR.


Mission Viejo (MV) hired the Advertising Firm of Brock and Associates to assist in marketing.  Unexpectedly one day, Kathi Brock, owner of the firm, was asked to help with street naming!!  

Here is what she had to say about that!!   Click HERE (link is external) for the short video clip. And so the first street names came to be!