This oral history interview of Dr. G. Marvin Beeman was collected on April 27, 2015 by the Highlands Ranch Historical Society in the course of their historical documentation of the Highlands Ranch area This interview is archived at the Douglas County History Research Center, a service of Douglas County Libraries, under accession number 2014.031

Dr. Beeman has been a longtime veterinarian and horseman. He has been with the Arapahoe Hunt Club in many capacities, since his youth. He currently serves as the Huntsman and Joint Master. In this Oral History Dr. Beeman talks about growing up on the Phipps Ranch, helping his father with the activities of the Arapahoe Hunt Club. Dr. Beeman also discusses many aspects in his professional life as a large animal vet, with an emphasis on working with horses, both on the Phipps Ranch, and elsewhere at his vet practice in Littleton, CO.

HRHS: Interviewer and Videographer: Mark Stevenson, Special Projects, Highlands Ranch Oral History Project
Assistant: Paul McKeag, Board Member
Filmed at the Highlands Ranch Mansion