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Failing Homestead – Douglas Investment Company

The Failing family arrived and found this site in November 1876 in Douglas County.  Henry Failing made his first Homestead claim in 1882.  Between 1882 and 1902, Henry, Joanna, and Etta Failing would acquire at least 6 more homesteads.  The initial improvements included a 3-room log and frame house, stables, well, granary, corrals and milk house.

In 1913 the property was deeded to the Douglas Investment Company.  The Colorado Corporation built up a dairy operation on the site.  The site grew to include the two-story New England style clapboard house, tool shed, bunkhouse, barn, chicken coup, cistern, windmill and a very interesting octagon shaped silo.  The silo was built in 1920 as evidenced by the date in the base concrete and remains in good shape today.

Failing Douglas Homestead House  Failing Douglas Farm Homestead Silo

Today the Failing Homestead is part of the Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA) Backcountry open space.  The backcountry open space is home to Elk and many other animals.  The open space serves as a place for residents of Highlands Ranch to get away from the city while providing a buffer to development between Highlands Ranch and the towns of Castle Rock and Sedalia.

Written By: David Johnston for HRHS and other uses. 14 Oct 2014.

Sources: National Archive Homestead Records, Previous Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) Map, Colorado Historical Society, Historic Douglas County, and Personal Site Visit.

Videographer: Mark Stevenson