Roxborough’s Silica Kiln

Just outside the entrance to Roxborough State Park is the only remaining structure from the town of Silica, Colorado. The old brick kiln sits on the site of the Silicated Brick and Clay Company. Its distinctive white bricks were made from local sand and lime. The bricks were cured using high-pressure steam. On August 22, 2007 the kiln site was designated as a Douglas County Historical Landmark.

Six years later – August 23, 2023 – the Roxborough Area Historical Society (RAHS) held an Open House to commemorate the completion of the Kiln Stabilization Project. Char Nauman spoke on behalf of RAHS to thank the individuals and committees responsible for the fundraising and stewardship for the years-long project. Dottie Burdick and Larua Adams of the Daughters of the American Revolution presented the society with an award recognizing the outstanding organizations and individuals involved in saving and preserving local history.

The kiln site now features parking, a walkway, informational signage, stone benches and artifacts from the brick works. The distinctive brickwork on the display base features original silica bricks – noted for their distinctive white color and S marking. All of the committees responsible for the Kiln Stabilization Project are noted on the displays.

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Written by Marian Robinson, August 2023