Daniels Park, a Denver Mountain Park bordering the southern end of Highlands Ranch, is a beautiful public park, offering stunning views of the Colorado Front Range Mountains, and steeped in historical significance. 

Enjoy these lovely pictures other Daniels Park, taken in June 202o on a glorious sunny spring day!

The Park offers walking trails, a picnic shelter, bison viewing, views of the front range, plenty of parking, and interpretive signs along the way. 

Be sure to also see the video presentation (link below, may need to copy and paste it into your browser)  of Florence Martin and the Daniels Park area, presented by Shaun Boyd from History Colorado, to get a more in-depth understanding of the remarkable woman who donated the park to Denver, as well as other significant Denver stories. 


Miss Florence Martin: An Amazing Life
(Donated Daniels Park bordering Highlands Ranch, and Inherited Daniels and Fisher Dept. Store)

Florence Martin went from Australian Debutante to Denver Philanthropist, and on the way, she donated Daniels Park so that we can all enjoy it.

History Colorado’s Curator of Archives and Douglas County Historian, Shaun Boyd, presents a program about a lady who broke barriers early in her life. A woman who changed the Denver and Douglas County landscape. From physicist to bon vivant, to philanthropist, Miss Martin built the barn and donated the land that is Daniels Park located in Highlands Ranch.

Learn about this amazing, extremely interesting lady, and her friends. A lady whose donations continue to impact us today.

See pictures of Daniels Park and other places of interest in the surrounding area. Do you know what famous person had his last campfire at Daniels Park? See the beautiful Daniels Park landscape and the Highlands Ranch Backcountry from the top of Cherokee Castle.

The Highlands Ranch Historical Society thanks Shaun Boyd, Mark Stevenson and Danny Ruth for their contribution to this program.

Shaun Boyd has been the Curator of Archives at History Colorado for 2 years, where she takes care of all the paper based and/or information-intensive “stuff”. Prior to that, she spent 19 years as an Archivist with the Douglas County Libraries. She continues to live in Parker. She has been fascinated with women’s history since a young age, growing up in the hometown of Carrie Chapman Catt, a leader in the women’s suffrage movement. Shaun has an MA in History from Colorado State University, and a Master’s of Library and Information Science from Emporia State University.