At the January 2023 HRHS Board of Directors meeting, two new officers were elected to serve on the Board.  These are:

  • Marian Robinson – Board Secretary
  • Mary Beth Watkins – Board Treasurer

In addition, Forrest Dykstra from the Highlands Ranch Metro District became a Board Member at Large joining Jamie Noebel, a returning Board Member at Large.

Other leadership changes include Janet Mozelewski, moving from Membership Director to a Leadership Team Creative Writing position and Kathy Colao, moving from Treasurer to Membership Director.

Returning board members include:

  • David Johnston – Board President
  • Paul McKeag – Board Vice President – Logistics
  • Sara Lebofsky – Board Vice President – Programs
  • Nancy Linsenbigler – Board Tours & Communications
  • Sandra Chamberlin – Board Volunteer Director

Paul Chamberlin returns as Wrangler/Volunteer Coordinator on the Leadership team.

Nancy Linsenbigler stated, “It’s exciting to see the new board and explore the many possibilities with this talented group of individuals.”

Janet Mozelewski concurred, “It’s always great to have new people join the organization and bring their skills and abilities to the team.”

These changes can be viewed on the HRHS website at:

This web page also includes short biographical information about each of the HRHS Board Members.  Read more on the website to learn about the organization.

Written by Janet Mozelewski, January 2023