Our Friend will be Missed: Lawrence Phipps III

The Highlands Ranch Historical Society is sad to hear of the loss of a great friend, Lawrence Phipps III.

Mr. Phipps was gracious, kind, and ever so helpful to us, and thus to the community of Highlands Ranch.

He freely gave of his time and knowledge to the Society, and helped us understand and appreciate so many things about the Mansion and life on the Ranch during his father’s many years of ownership, as well as during the time following the sale to Mission Viejo and beyond. 

We will miss him, and treasure the insights and information he gave to us.

Lawrence Phipps III


Here is a link to the Oral History of Lawrence Phipps III, conducted in 2015.  This is a 1 hour and 15 minute video.

Videographer Mark Stevenson, Interviewers Meg Anderson and John Lake