Walter Dennis, Clyde Merlin (Skeet) Dennis, Mike O'Malley

This oral history interview of THREE RANCH HANDS  was collected on August 26, 2015 by the Highlands Ranch Historical Society in the course of their historical documentation of the Highlands Ranch area.  This interview is archived at the Douglas County History Research Center, a service of Douglas County Libraries, under accession #2015.044.1000

The Three Ranch Hands are Michael O’Malley, Walter Dennis, and Clyde Merlin Dennis Jr

The full video interview can be accessed HERE

Video “snippets”, which are selected short topics from the interview, can be found on our YouTube Channel , accessed by clicking the Blue links below. 

Topics include: 

Interaction with Mansion Residents, Mike O’Malley


Features on the Phipps Ranch

Other Ranches Pastures, Mike O’Malley, Skeet Dennis

Mansion Memories of Walter Dennis

Mansion Memories of Mike O’Malley

Helping with the Arapahoe Hunt Club, Walter Dennis

Douglas Pasture Story (Cherokee Castle) Mike O’Malley

Compensation at the Ranch   Mike O’Malley

Seasonal Work at the Phipps Ranch    Skeet Dennis

Branding    Walter Dennis

1965 Flood


Videographer: Mark Stevenson, Project Director for the Highlands Ranch Oral History Project,
Interviewer: Larry Schlupp, Historic Douglas County Board Member
Assistant: Nancy Linsenbigler, HRHS Board Member
Filmed at the Highlands Ranch Mansion


Highlands Ranch Mansion

9950 E Gateway Drive
United States

39° 32′ 9.5712″ N, 104° 58′ 16.0356″ W