Young-Chum Howe House at the HR Mansion grounds
Young-Chum Howe House at the HR Mansion grounds

This oral history interview of Suzanna Ray was collected on August 19, 2014 by the Highlands Ranch Historical Society in the course of their historical documentation of the Highlands Ranch area. This interview is archived at the Douglas County History Research Center, a service of Douglas County Libraries, under accession number 2014.031.1000

Suzanna Ray is the Granddaughter of Lawrence Phipps Jr, the last private owner of the Highlands Ranch Mansion and property. Suzanna and her family (the Young’s) were the original residents of what is now called the Chum Howe house, on the mansion grounds. Suzanna remembers what it was like to live on the mansion grounds as a young child, playing with her family and friends, and going to school nearby at the then new Plum Creek elementary school (now long gone under the waters of Chatfield dam and reservoir).

Interviewer and Videographer: Mark Stevenson, Project Director for the Highlands Ranch Oral History Project
Assistant: Paul McKeag, Board Member
Filmed in Highlands Ranch