Instructions For Presenters


This document outlines the logistics for presenting programs at the Highlands Ranch - Southridge Recreation Center

Equipment Available

  1. Overhead Projector and Screen - Uses standard DB15 RGB Video Connector.

  2. The Connector Cord also has an external stereo jack for connecting directly into the audio system.

  3. Two Radio Microphones on two separate channels.

  4. One Podium - Can be brought down to audience/floor level.

  5. A Remote Controlled USB Port Based Slide Advancer.  "The Clicker".  Unit has infrared pointer.  (Please do not point into the eyes).

  6. Lights can be dimmed and raised from back wall switches of the room.

Speaker Materials, Slides, PowerPoints

Highlands Ranch Historical Society prides itself on being able to accomodate many types of speakers with a wrapped presentation to aleviate the necessary swithing of equipment during the program meeting.  This "Wraper" will incorporate all speaker slides videos etc.  Please upload them at 1 of two locations listed below.  For security and privacy concerns/purposes all materials will be removed 5 days after a presenation.

Speaker materials and files, complete the form and attach files accordingly.

HRHS Google Drive location

If there's an issue with the above upload process please try our Google Drive Folder at:

Connector Illustrations

The following images depict our connector configurations

DB15 Connector Used                                Compatible Apple Adapter Supported (MB5772_B)