Featured Video of the Month: Memories of the Mansion and the Ranch

Date and Time: 
Friday, December 31, 2021 - 11:57pm to 11:58pm
Compilation Video of Highlands Ranch Residents


Highlands Ranch Oral Histories Compilation ---Memories of the Mansion and Ranch 

This is a 55 minute video compilation by Mark Stevenson, HRHS Oral History Videographer.

Video segments compiled from HRHS Oral History videos.

All speakers are relating memories of their time and special knowledge about Highlands Ranch during the Phipps era and/or early Mission Viejo. 



LAWRENCE PHIPPS III, son of last Mansion owner, Lawrence Phipps Jr.  Memories of the Mansion and Ranch 


THE COWBOYS, three cowboys who worked on the Ranch during the Phipps ownership


SUZANNA RAY, Granddaughter of Lawrence Phipps Jr, about her memories as a child, growing up and/or visiting the Ranch


MARVIN BEEMAN, Veterinarian for the Phipps Ranch and the Arapahoe Hunt Club


JAMES TOEPFER, First President of Mission Viejo Colorado, on the Planned Community of Highlands Ranch


ART COOK, “The Voice of Highlands Ranch” on the Planned Community of Highlands Ranch



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