An Insider's Peek into Cherokee Castle

Date and Time: 
Monday, January 16, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:03pm
John Lake & Meg Anderson

Program location has changed to the Eastridge Recreation Center, 9568 University Blvd. Highlands Ranch

What was life like inside the stone walls of Cherokee Castle?  Where did the money come from to finance the building, the art, the cattle, and the fun?  Who built Cherokee?   What are some interesting tidbits about the construction and furnishings?   Join us for the insider's peek into the life and times of the Castle, and it's unusual occupants!   Meg Anderson, Tweet's very own caterer, and John Lake, Tweet's very own butler, will be recounting countless storeis from these treasured halls!   Joined by Kathy Peterson, we are in for a fun and fascinating romp thru time, and people.  Pictures, memorable and intriguing tales not often told are awaiting all who join us. .  See how the Great Hall was furnished during the Johnson’s life and then the Kimball era and the stories behind the designs of the Castle.and maybe stories about the parties, and even food!  (perhaps we can get Meg & John to share one or two recipes from their book   ”Castle Entertaining from Ranch Hands to Royalty” , about catering at Cherokee Castle.   




Eastridege Recreation Center
Telluride Room
9568 University Blvd
Highlands Ranch 80126