Annual Tribute To Veterans Program: The Birth of Liberty and the US Military

Date and Time: 
Monday, November 21, 2016 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Ben Martin

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Annual Veterans Program: Birth of Liberty and the US Military

Speaker : Ben Martin

Distribute Pocket US Constitutions

Armed Forces Medallions


HR American Legion, Joe Langran, Commander and Honor Guard and Update

Service Songs Medley and Veterans Introductions

10 minute presentation by The Honor Bell Foundation, speakers Louis Olivera,  Executive Director and Michelle Mallin, Chief of Staff

10 minute Video: “O Say Can You See” History Behind the National Anthem 

In November we Americans honor those citizens who, throughout our history, have bravely stepped forward to defend our Nation, our Founding Principles, our loved ones – all that we hold dear.  The citizens who do that become members of the US Armed Forces; and having honorably served, we call them Veterans.  When entering the US Armed Forces, they take an oath which says they will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic; and bear true faith and allegiance to the same…

The Presentation will honor those Veterans by examining our Declaration of Independence, which has been called the greatest document of human liberty ever written, and our Nation’s Primary Founding Principles, which it contains.  This was the birth of liberty!  Those Principles are the ones upon which our Constitution is based, they are the object of the Veteran’s Oath.   We will then look at the critical, early battles of the American Revolution surrounding the Declaration and the heroic deeds of the American Patriots who fought them.  This was the birth of the US Military and our first veterans.

About our Speaker: Ben Martin

Ben has been interested in our American Founding    Heritage since he was very young.    He learned it at home, from parents & other family  members, and from the books they read to     him and those they gave him to read.      After high school, he went to West Point and found himself in the middle of the 13 original colonies, the Revolutionary War, and the birthplace of our American Founding Heritage.     After graduating from West Point he went into the Army - in all spending 30 years under a solemn oath to '...protect & defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign & domestic...'    Ben is a frequent speaker at area clubs and organizations, and teaches a course he  developed on our American Founding Heritage (AFH). The course covers all    4 of the essential elements of the AFH:  America's Founding Principles; The Declaration; The Revolutionary War;  and The Constitution.


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