James A. Michener Society

The James A. Michener Society was formed in the fall of 1998 and is composed of people who share a common interest in James Michener's life and work.  The following words, excerpted from a letter by the late John Kings, James Michener's long-time friend and literary assistant, describe the purpose of the James A. Michener Society...

The Purpose of the Society is to:

  •  preserve the intellectual legacy of James A. Michener as a writer, teacher, historian, public servant, patriot and philanthropist;
  • ensure that future generations have full access to all his writings;
  • promote the exchange of ideas and information about his writings;
  • encourage fellowship among readers of his writings;
  • inform devotees and members of the Society about recent publications and critiques of his writings.

The Society accomplishes this through a number of activities.  An annual meeting of members is held at locations closely associated with the life of James Michener. In the past, they have been held at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, home of the James A. Michener Library and Archives; Austin, Texas, where Michener was associated with the Writing School and lived the last years of his life; Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Michener's childhood home and the location of the Michener Art Museum; and Easton, Maryland, where Michener lived while writing Chesapeake.   Society activities provide the occasion for sharing of memories and anecdotes that illuminate the Michener books and other writings in a special way.  Eventually, the Society expects to sponsor seminars, lectures and other events that will provide opportunities for fellowship among members and a forum for the discussion of James Michener's writings and the many facets of his life.


See more at their web site at:  http://dickboera.com/michener.htm

Attached is their brochure and membership signup information.


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