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"We look forward to the programs--as always in the past. Thank you."

-Pat & H.D. R.

"Sara, thanks for the nice e-card. It was a pleasure talking with your group and sharing all the excitement of our recent mission to Mars. Thanks again for the opportunity"
- Pieter

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the (Mob) tour today. Our residents and driver really enjoyed themselves. Wanted to tell you that Tom really impressed everyone. They said he was outstanding!

 Much appreciated!"

-Angie O.

"Just finished the (Denver Mob) tour.... 

It was fabulous....!    Thanks for scheduling such a fun an informative trip!"

-Gail W. 


"I am glad to be a member."

- Gloria H.

"Thank you so much for the news that I am now a member of the Highlands Ranch Historical Society. I look forward to participating as much as I can . Again Thank you."

- Angela T.

"I am thrilled to have reregistered and renewed my membership. You offer many interesting presentations for all to chose from. I look forward to attending as many as I can. Thank you for the delightful greeting message."

- Amy S.

"Thank you for the welcome note. I look forward to many opportunities to learn more about Highlands Ranch and the surrounding communities."

- Tm D.

"Whoops! Slipped up on typing historical society name! Meant to  thank you of the Highlands Ranch Historical Society. I have attended a few of your programs, in spite of a frequent conflict on the meeting dates. That conflict has gone away so that now it just made sense to join HRHS. Incidentally I am also a member of the Roxborough Area Historical Society, hence the typing slip in the previous note."

-- Ed.

"Thanks very much! Look forward to meetings and future mailings.
Thanks, "

- Chris and Judy M.

"I want to say what an interesting “tour” that was.  John was great."

-Vicki B

"Thanks so much for organizing such a wonderful event. Frank & I really enjoyed it.

 Looking forward to your plans starting in May when we get back"

-Ena S.

"Thank you again for getting all of us tickets to the magnificent show yesterday.  It was one of the best performances I've seen in a while.  The cast had incredible voices, and the scenery was perfect."

-Joan T.

"It's our pleasure to be part of the HRHS - we are enjoying it so much!"

- Ginny H.

"On behalf of Rich  and myself, Barbara, we would like to express our thanks for putting together this wonderful Ute Indian Prayer Tree tour!  We enjoyed it immensely and John Anderson was excellent.  We learned so much and enjoyed the morning - fabulous!  We plan to attend more events such as this.

Again, thank you!"

- Barbara K

"Thank you so much for the nice welcome card. This is a great organization"

- Ena S.

"Good Morning Mark and Paul

I would like to thank you again for the tour, visit and interview last Monday.  It was a very special moment in my life to reflect and to see the Headquarters again.

The Highlands Ranches, Littleton Large Animal Clinic ~ all the people ~ were/are a very special part of my life.

Visiting with Matt Clough, and his tour, brought back very special memories.  Very fine cattleman you introduced me to.  As with you two, Matt is a great human being.

I hope you all keep in touch.

Thank you all for a very special moment in my life.

God Bless"

- Roy

"We enjoy your programs very much. Thanks for the effort and the variety of historical events you offer."
- W.

"Thank you so much for your gracious note. We have always enjoyed the HRHS activities/events and we look forward to the coming activities.

- Ken & Linda

"Barney and I were so pleased to have been part of the group going to Boulder Dinner Playhouse for the production of ANNIE. It was a delightful afternoon.  We want to be included in other activities with the HRHS"

- Barbi and Barney

"We absolutely loved the Ute outing yesterday!  John Anderson was so informative and articulate.  And thank you for arranging this event.  And thank John for a  well spent morning"

- Barbara and Fred

"Thank you for all you did to organize the event. Please keep me on your contact list for next year."

- Stephen C.

"Very nice, Paul. Thank you for all you do for the HRHS."

- Sara L.

"Thank you so much for having such great programs, to say nothing of the great desserts. We have learned so much from these programs about the area we live in and the people that built the areas around us."

- Bob and Wilma L.

"Thank you. I look forward to participating in your upcoming events."

 - Larry

"I'm very happy to be a member once again. I think I let my membership lapse for over a year, and then I got married, had a name change and address change.

- Pamela J.

"It is a pleasure to be a part of your organization. I always enjoy the informative speakers that are entertaining and enlightening.

Here is to another year of Fun!"

- Amy S.

"Thanks for the great card
I am so looking forward to all the events"

- Ena S.


"Thank you so much for your welcoming card! We look forward to getting to know you all, enjoying the topics at the monthly meetings and the special events - all of which should be fun and interesting! See you all at the upcoming meeting, and, if you are coming, the Ute prayer trees trip!"

- Gary and Ginny


"I think this is such a nice touch. Sending a card for the membership fee. You all are very "techy" I think it's great! Thank you all for everything you do for the rest of us!"
- Sandy

"Thank you for the lovely welcome to the Highlands Ranch Historical Society! I look forward to participating in the interesting and diverse programs and activities presented by the HRHS.
Sincere regards"

- Geri M.

"Thanks to all that plan the activities that the Historical Society puts on the calendar.
Especially enjoyed going through Memory Lane!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!"

- Dottie L.

"Dear Board of Director of HRHS,  Thank you for your lovely message. I am very pleased and honored to be part of your organization. I appreciate all of your wonderful programs."

- Amy S

"We have always enjoyed every program we've attended.
Wonderful variety and presentations. Thank you."

- Pat & HD R.

"I enjoyed your Society's book. 

You know....each of Mission Viejo Company's other communities were built on land that was part of very large landholdings.  The landholdings from which the communities of Mission Viejo and Aliso Viejo were carved had great and storied histories...large land grants traced back to the King of Spain.  But the entirety of neither of those two holdings was acquired by Mission Viejo Company.

The Phipps holding was different. Essentially, today's Highlands Ranch community is the whole of a landholding that had been "The Highlands Ranch" for decades. 

As large the Phipps landholding was, it was perceived that its history as a ranch could have a personal, intimate relationship with the new community that might be developed on it.  And, quite importantly, it was perceived that an awareness of the lineage could add value to the land and therefore enhance the profit for the developer. 

For better or worse the lineage is still there.  I know for a fact that as the project was being planned and implemented, the history of the land was always a consideration as planning and implementation decisions  were made.  

I am pleased to see that those who now shepherd the community continue to recognized the significance of that lineage. Your publication strongly suggest that the future of the community of Highlands Ranch is in good hands.

Thanks for sharing your book with me."

- Phil R.

"You people do a fantastic job.  Thanks.  Keep it up!"

- Jim T.

"Thank you so much for the really sweet email you sent about the historical society event on Monday. What a fun night! We appreciate so much how organized you were and how quickly you stepped up to address our parking issues, etc. I thought the night went perfectly. The feedback has been great.  Have a great day!"

- Susie A.

"Thank you for all you do to keep history alive! i look forward to another wonderful year!  Best wishes always."
- Judy W.

"How nice!!   We really enjoyed ourselves and really got to know the board better.  Efforts to put on the 2016 program will be exciting!!  We are looking forward to attending the programs for 2016!  Best Wishes."

- Sonya H.

"You're very welcome. We enjoyed ourselves and the other attendees. It's always fun to have a sneak preview of the next year."

- Sande and Dave

"Hi Folks (Highlands Ranch Historical Society),  I just waned to tell you how pleased I am with the wonderful job you are doing in preserving the History of Highlands Ranch.  It seems that efforts like this usually aren’t started until a century after the events occur.  You are all to be congratulated for your efforts and diligence.  Keep up the good work."

- Art C.

"All of you Board members do a terrific job."

- Jim T.

"Thank you so much. We always enjoy HRHS and find the
programs interesting."

- Polly S.

"Thank you for acknowledging my renewal of the HRHS membership. I have now been a member for a full year and really enjoy the monthly meetings."

- Judy K.

"Thanks for the warm welcome!"

- Catherine & Stephen C

"Thanks to all of us for doing what we are doing! Whew! Lots going on!
Good program today, thanks for organizing it."

- Nancy L.

"Thank you all for the kind "thank you" regarding my talk. My only regret is that when I modified my talk for last night I was not aware I had more information than time to present it. But it was fun and I feed off of the energy of my audience, so if you felt it was good, that is because the audience was good.
Thanks again."

- Jeff B.

"Dear David and Board,

What a classy group of friends you all are! It's an honor to be a part of this wonderful organization. Thank you for all your hard work and support over the years. I look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future.
Happy Spring!
With much appreciation,"

- Judy W.

"It will be our pleasure for another wonderful year of great programs.  Thank you for all the planning and organizing done for the membership."

- The R. Family

"Thank you. Happy to be a member.  Looking forward to some interesting meetings."

- Deirdre M.

"Thank you. As a person who was never interested in history, but now find out that I do enjoy it I am pleased to have this as one way to learn."

- Pat J.

"I am very happy to be part of the family of the Highlands Ranch Historical Society. There have been some terrific programs and I look forward to participating in some more during 2015. I also look forward to helping write captions for the book on Highlands Ranch History that the society is planning for 2015. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays."

- Derald H.

"Thank you for the note. I appreciate the board's work to bring many interesting programs for the Society, local and Colorado history especially. "

- Julie E.

"I just returned from the museum and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thanks for putting it on the HRHS agenda.  Too bad it was poorly attended but there were plenty of tourists later on.  This is a must-see for history buffs.  In my 40+ years in Colorado I had never been there.  "I'll be back!"

- John H.

"Thank you so much for the lovely get together and tour of Highlands Ranch last Monday.  I so enjoyed my time there.  I know you all (as well as the docents) had questions about the when the bathrooms (with the colored fixtures and painting) were done.  I talked to my aunt and she said that Mr. Kistler’s second wife had two sons and she had the bathroom decorated during her time living there.  She had the small fixtures installed for them.  I know that I and some of my relatives (as well as my neighbor) are interested in attending the lectures on Highlands Ranch this fall.  Please, if you would, send me the information so I can pass it on to everyone. Thanks so much, and thanks again for your kind welcome back to the mansion!"

- Judy H. Granddaughter of Lawrence P, Jr.

"Thank you all for the note on my joining the Highlands Ranch Historical Society. I am really looking forward to the monthly meetings and I hope to contribute a lot of information and memories to your society."

- Richard D.

"We enjoy your programs. Larry is President of the Rocky Mountain Guides Association and Barbara is the Public Relations Contact person. Larry volunteers at the state Capitol and Barbara is a docent at the Molly Brown House museum."

- Larry and Barbara F.

"The Highlands Ranch Historical Society is the best kept secret the community has.  I enjoy all your programs and always I 'm looking for the next one.  It is an honor to be member of your Society."

Angelica Z. 

"I am honored to be a member of the Highlands Ranch Historical Society. I have enjoyed the events I have attended and look forward to up coming events sincerely"

- Patricia M.

"Over the past 3 or so years, I have enjoyed many great programs that the Historical society has presented.....and have brought in at least five friends, who also like the programs....frequently, we meet for dinner prior to the meetings...
Thank you so much. I appreciate all your hard work..."

- Cheri C.

"Our speaker, Dolly Madison, did a great job."

- Janice G.

"How special, THANK YOU! I had a wonderful time!"

- Joyce 

"Thank you so much! What a treat to be so well appreciated! Loved it!"

- Sandy 

"Thanks for all that you and your group do.  It is so very important."

- Susan N. in Littleton. 

"Thank you to HRHS for all the wonderful programs you put on"

- Alice A. 

"As a new member to the HRHS, my husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed the last two programs (Blaine and Fielder).  Thank you so much!"

- Betsy & Tom G.


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