OG - Projects - Deposition of HR Clock Tower

Project is Ongoing:

Some Ideas for the HRHS Clock Tower
The unit as it appears in Sara's photos, doesn't appear to be conducive to the cultural and settings of the Historical Society as it's an efigy of an existing modern clock tower located in the Town Center.  Below of some ideas to see about using it.

1.  Upgrade the monitor to a flat screen monitor, place a looping DVD player inside and let's make some cool presentations for it and have it placed at varous locations through out HR to advertise both HRHS and the host of the clock tower space.

2.  Donate or solicit donation from Cardel Homes for their "Clocktower at Highlands Town Center" project.   (Link:  http://www.cardelhomes.com/d/clocktower/index.php)
    Suite 120, 9110 East Nichols Ave
    Centennial, CO 80112
    P 303.662.8942
    F 303.662.8694

3. Put on Craigs List to see if we can sell as is.