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PROGRAMS (subject to change)

HIGHLANDS RANCH MANSION program (at the Mansion) by FADING PAST author, Susie Appleby circa 2008

May 2012: HIGHLANDS RANCH MANSION RENOVATION AND REBIRTH by HR Metro District (Terry Nolan, Jeff Case, Maggie Glass, Carrie Ward) (HR from 1891-date)

January 2014: MURDER AT THE BROWN PALACE by Dick Kreck (HR 100 years ago)

January 2014: HR MANSION TOUR for HRHS Invitees (attended by Historic Douglas County, with subsequent County Wide advertising)

April 2014: LAMB SPRING (HR Area 15,000 years ago) by Jack Warner

June 2014: HR THEN & NOW EARLY RESIDENTS: Tour, Meet and Greet at the Mansion

September 2014: HR THEN & NOW: THE 70’S, ENDINGS AND NEW BEGINNINGS, & THE ARAPAHOE HUNT CLUB  by Lawrence Phipps, III, Marvin Beeman, Arapahoe Hunt Club

May 2015:   HR THEN & NOW: INTRODUCING THE MASTER PLANNED COMMUNITY OF HR (1977-1997)  The First Twenty Years    By Jim Toepfer,  various residents & MV employees

September 2015: HR THEN & NOW:  RANCH and SOCIAL OPERATIONS   By Art Cook, Jim Toepfer (?), MV Staff    Program Venue Proposed:  HR Mansion


September 2016: HR THEN & NOW: CATTLE & RANCH OPERATIONS ….  Matt Clough, Gary Debus, former Ranch Hands, Youngs??  Perhaps arrange tour of barns and outbuildings??   Program Venue Proposed:  HR Mansion

May 2017: HR THEN & NOW: NEIGHBORING HOMESTEADS…..David Johnston??   Larry Schlupp??  Cheese Ranch, Homesteads in the Back Country, Sweigler Ranch, Mc Arthur Ranch, Hidebrandt Ranch, FlyN’ B Ranch (Jan Thurn)

September 2017: HR THEN & NOW: PARKS, STREETS   Carrie Ward??   Program Venue Proposed:  HR Mansion

May 2018: HR THEN & NOW: THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS……….Terry Nolan??  HRCA??   Future Home and Commercial Expansion.  HRCA -  BackCountry, strategic 5 year plan. 

September 2018: HR THEN & NOW:  FINAL RESTING PLACES FROM PIONEERS TO THE PRESENT…  Mark Stevenson?? Burial Places  SA Long:  Fairmont;  John Springer: Littleton Cemetery;  Frank Kistler: Rosebud Cemetery in Glenwood Springs; Lawrence Phipps Jr: Bear Canon Cemetery in Sedalia.  Modern and Only Cemetery in HR is at Cherry Hills Community Church Masoleum (?)   Mention other notables in these cemeteries, have CHCC do a presentation. 

May 2019: HR THEN & NOW: A TRIP THRU TIME   John McKinney?     Journey back to the Mammoths, and travel along as we review the major historical markers for this fascinating area known as Highlands Ranch.  We will visit the Historical Happenings of the HR area the last 15 thousand years to the present

September 2019: HR THEN & NOW: THE MANSION OWNERS AND BUILDING  Susie Appleby?  Jeff Case? Power Point discussion of the Mansions owners, and the building and renovation of the mansion.  Program Venue Proposed:  HR Mansion

May 2020:  HR THEN & NOW: THE HISTORIC PARK.  Mansion grounds become a historic park, tour of the grounds, including history of the Young-Chum Howe House.  Program Venue Proposed:  HR Mansion