OG - Accounts - Google Drive

The main document archive is hosted on the Google Drive.  It is used for:

  1. Board of Directors Documents - (Minutes, Agendas, Corporate Information and Tax Documentation)
  2. Videos for web site presentation.
  3. Presentations Archive
  4. Graphics Files
  5. Web Site Documentation
  6. Membership Forms and Documents.
  7. Password Safe Location
  8. Events
  9. Sponsors Graphics and Brochures
  10. Intra-Society Documents - Other Societies Partnered
  11. HRHS Awards Certificates and Letters of Apreciations
  12. Tours Information
  13. Project Files
  14. Program files.

For chronology, searching and sorting purposes all file names and directory shall start with the reverse date stamp naming convention as follows:

Where as:

  • YYYY is the four digit year, (i.e. 2014, 2015, 2016 etc.)
  • MM is the 2 digit month (i.e. 01 = January, 02 = February, 03=March ... 11 = November, 12 = December).  Always preceed single digit with a zero "0".
  • DD is the 2 digit day (i.e 01 through 31).
  • A single space.
  • A hyphen "-"
  • A single space.
  • Subject (can include spaces or underscores for spaces).

Standardize file names conventions examples:

  • YYYYMMDD - HRHS Board - Minutes.docx
  • YYYYMMDD - HRHS Board - Minutes.PDF (Finalized format).
  • YYYYMMDD - Veterans Tribute (Directory format for storing programs).
  • YYYYMMDD - Membership Form.docx (Membershipt file).

The directory structure should be intuitive to navigate.

Video files are hosted on the Google Drive and is access directly from the HRHS Laptop with it's Google Drive synchronizing software.

Videos are presented on the web site using iFrame tags to display and present videos availables. This has been deemed the preffered method of storing and presenting our videos.

The current cost of storage is $1.99 per month for 100GB of storage.  To access additional storage the account will need to be updated.

The 1TB storage is slated as $19.99 per month should we need to expand our requirements.

The account and directory stucture is managed and maintained by the Director of IT and access can be associated to individual account via the web.


See Password Safe for credentials and location under "Digital Archive" section.